The Sterling Group is a professional women’s organization that was started by three women in 1987.

The group provides a networking environment for women accomplished in their careers and with community involvement. Our membership represents a myriad of professions ranging from legal, engineering, medical, financial, artists and fashion industries. Our goal is to foster an environment where we assist each other with networking that supports our careers and community involvement.

Current Members

Members at Large

Ryla Bouchier

Robin Brennan-Martin

Cherri Carbonara

Heidi Crockford

Heather Domingue

Peggy England

Marylou Erbland

Arlene Even

Diana Hammett

Virgina Holbrook

Denise Liebl

Kathy Malone

Laurie Nicolai

Annette B. Santamaria

Deb Sharp

M. A. Shute

Michelle Stribling

Donna Vallone

Deborah Watts

Allyson Wilkinson

Jennifer Willis

Diana Woodman

Tina Wrotenbery

Board Members

President – MA Shute

Vice President – Allyson Wilkinson

Secretary – Heather Domingue

Treasurer – Debbie Callan

Membership Chair – Jennifer Lowery

Program Chair – Kim Jessup

Communications Chair – Angela Sturm

Development Chair – Diana Hammett

At Large – Peggy England

Past President – Debbie Sharp

Membership Information

Membership is an application process by invitation only.  Potential members will submit an application and resume. They will be invited by a current member to attend 3 meetings and then will be voted in by the membership.